Outfit Your Garden Area with a Potting Shed

fdzhgtfjA potting shed is an outbuilding designated specifically for gardening tasks. That includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, potting and re-potting plants, starting seedlings, hardening off seedlings before planting them outdoors, and tool storage and maintenance. While different gardeners have different gardening needs, there are a few must-have amenities that everybody should be sure to incorporate into their plans.

New or Used?
The truth is just about any structure can be turned into a good potting shed. If you’ve got an old outbuilding on your property, it’s certainly worth exploring if it can be adapted to your gardening needs. In most cases it’s a fairly easy transformation. If you’re starting from scratch, you still have several options. Any common backyard shed of the kit or pre-fabricated variety can easily be modified into a perfect garden shed. And if you like to dream big, you can have your shed custom built (or designed) to meet your every whim and desire.

Windows and Natural Light
One of the main reasons a potting or garden shed is different than that backyard Tuff Shed your neighbor owns is light. Remember,

7 Steps to a Backyard Playground for Kids

gfzjmgkA yard offers enough room for kids to explore and grow without being too far from supervision. Installing a home playground is one way to encourage children to exercise and have fun outdoors. As with anything, however, the best backyard playgrounds are those that have been properly planned out. When changing the landscape of your yard to be more kid-friendly, there are a few things to consider.

1. Don’t Skimp on Open Play Areas
One thing that some homeowners might forget when planning a home playground is to leave enough open space. A spacious, flat, grassy area that lends itself well to a wide range of sports and play activities is essential. You could also consider installing synthetic grass in the play area. It’s durable, designed to be realistic, and maintenance-free. Open play areas allow for a wide variety of games from badminton to tag. A few trees around the perimeter of the yard are also a plus. Besides offering some shade, trees can serve as bases, hiding places, and net supports.

2. Home Playground Containment
Fences are the most common solution for keeping children in

Garage Floor Coverings

ghkuglkA garage floor covering isn’t the top floor covering priority in a home, but putting in a floor for your garage has real benefits. You may not be concerned with creating a beautiful garage floor, but the fact is your garage floor is likely to incur abuse unlike anywhere else in your home. Automotive fluids can leak from your car staining the floor and creating an unseemly smell. At the very least, snow and/or grime is probably going to begin to migrate into your garage.

Contaminated garage floors can also contribute to accidents. If you use your garage as a workshop, you may need to install a garage floor covering just to be safe and reduce the chance of slipping. Of course, you can always just lay down mats to fix this problem, but more advanced floor coverings will give you total floor coverage and a more permanent, reliable garage floor.

Paint v. Epoxy for Your Garage Floors
The cheapest garage floor covering is simply a coat of paint. Paint will provide a layer of moderate protection for your garage floor and improve its overall look, but

Rules To Make Interior Painting Faster and Cleaner

On your next within painting project, religiously follow these Hingham Massachusetts painter straightforward rules and that i guarantee that you simply can save a minimum of two hours. Here we tend to go!
1. Slosh Your Brush Before Painting; Clean-Up are going to be Easier.

Before painting, slosh your brush in no matter solvent you may be exploitation at the top of the day to scrub the comb (i.e., water for latex, mineral spirits for oil, etc.) it’s going to be easier to scrub once you are done.
2. Wrap Brush or Roller To Avoid cleansing.

Cleaning paintbrushes is tough work. And it’s not possible to scrub paint rollers. Some folks wash them out, however I realize this to be therefore frustrating and mussy, that I simply through them out.

If you recognize you will be returning to your paint work before long–a few hours or up to a few|a handful|some} of days–you will either do either of two things:

* Deepfreeze|electric refrigerator|fridge} Method:  Wrap the comb or roller in a very bag and place within the freezer. this could preserve the comb or roller indefinitely.
* Wrap-Only Method:  If you do not the thought of golf stroke brushes in a very food zone,

Water Damage Clean Up Tips When You Have Water Damage in Your Home or Business

If you are reading this most likely you have had or have water damage in your home or business. It may be as small as a water stain on your wall (in till in causes mold damage) or as large as a whole room, basement, whole house or a couple of floors in a building. The following tips will assist you in what to do when you have water damage. Please remember that these tips are just guidelines and good judgment should be used when trying to restore water damage. If you feel you need help contact your Cincinnati Ohio water damage restoration Company .

Here are the following more major important tips when water damage occurs:

1. Wear puncture resistant boots and puncture resistant gloves. This will protect you from electric shock and sharp objects( you will see later what I mean)

2. As soon as possible extract as much water from the area as possible( I know this is obvious but I needed to state this you don’t know who may be reading)

3. Lift all furniture from the floors on to wood blocks. Professionals use Styrofoam blocks but most readers don’t have Styrofoam available. Go to a hardware store

Home Garden Design and Styling

The first thing to do in garden design is create a physical boundary or framework for your garden. This should include not just an exterior boundary line, but interior markers such as paths, evergreen trees, and/or small architectural structures like an arbor or gazebo. Dwarf conifers are becoming a favorite for garden evergreen trees. Their shorter height keeps them from overwhelming your garden. Unfortunately, their slow growth rate and popularity have made them relatively expensive.

Gardening Styles and Themes
While there are general garden design principles like balance, unity, and transition, there’s no wrong way to design your garden. Start with whatever you like and go for it. Gardens can be redesigned annually so there’s no risk in making a mistake. If you’re not sure where to start, consider a specific gardening style or theme.

Habitat Garden—Sometimes called a naturalistic garden, this garden is designed to attract pleasant wildlife, such as birds and butterflies. Not for every gardener or homeowner, but when properly managed, it can be an amazing addition to a home.

Formal Gardens—Examples include Mediterranean, English, and Cottage, these gardens tend to be more ambitious projects in their traditional forms. Still, design elements

Winter Flower Gardens

For garden enthusiasts, winter is generally thought of as the “off season”. This is especially true for the gardener who delights in growing flowers. It is a common belief that winter flowers are only grown commercially and that a winter flower garden on a residential scale isn’t feasible.

It is true that in very cold climates, winter flowers are a rarity. Very few flowers are hardy enough to poke their way through frozen earth and snow. It should be stated, however, that there are many species of flower that can survive in “cool” conditions, and a few that can live in down right “cold” ones.How Cold is too Cold?
Is the ground frozen? Then yes, it’s too cold. Next comes the tough one. Will the ground freeze again? If the answer is definitely “no”, then there are some flowers you can plant. It is, however, nearly impossible to say when the ground will stop freezing.Shrubs
The easiest way to have a winter flower garden is to plant some very hardy shrubs. Now, in mid-winter, we’re lucky to get much color at all. So some suggested winter shrubs will have brightly colored berries, and a few will have